WIFI FPV VERSION DROCON Cyclone X708W / First Drone for Beginners Series Training Quadcopter with 720P Camera Equipped with Headless Mode One Key Return Easy Operation

August 11, 2017 - Comment

TRAINING COURSE for BEGINNERS:STEP 1:Pairing1.Ensure batteries fully charged, no defects on propellers;2.Connect the battery to the drone,place the drone on a flat surface. The LED lights flash quickly then slow down within seconds.3.Turn on the controller,the indicator flashes slowly. Push the throttle stick up to the top, then back to the bottom,the indicator and LED

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STEP 1:Pairing
1.Ensure batteries fully charged, no defects on propellers;
2.Connect the battery to the drone,place the drone on a flat surface. The LED lights flash quickly then slow down within seconds.
3.Turn on the controller,the indicator flashes slowly. Push the throttle stick up to the top, then back to the bottom,the indicator and LED lights turn to still simultaneously. The paring work is done.
STEP 2:Calibration:
After the paring is done, don’t forget to calibrate the drone before flight, that is, push both control sticks to the right bottom and hold on, the LED lights flash quickly then stop within seconds,then release the sticks, calibration is done.
STEP 3: Get use to throttle stick:
The MOST IMPORTANT part that needs practice, after drone calibration is done, try to push up the throttle stick to lift off the drone. During this process,try to gain the throttle one inch by another, and get use to how it works,after you are familiar with the throttle stick,it will be easy to hover the drone manually, then you can go on to the next step.
STEP 4: Play under Headless Mode:
All the drones head and rear are generally indicated by LED lights or colored propellers.By default,users are required to tell the front of the drone while flying.In case it is difficult at first,try with HEADLESS MODE instead.Long press the LEFT TOP button on the controller to enter HEADLESS MODE,then the drone can be operated without worrying about the orientation, left is left and right is right all the time,regardless of which side the drone is pointing to.
STEP 5: One Key Return:
Be aware that ONE KEY RETURN only works under HEADLESS MODE. Press the OKR button while flying under the headless mode,the drone will fly backward automatically.
STEP 6: Play under regular mode:
Long press the headless mode button to exist. When playing under regular mode, all directions are tied up to the drone’s head.

Product Features

  • DROCON Suggested FIRST Drone for BIGINNERS & KIDS The DROCON Cyclone Drone was born for those who has no experiences, and wants a first and nice price drone to have a try and for training use.
  • WIFI FPV VERSION WITH 720P HD CAMERA: Model X708W is the WIFI FPV version with 720P camera, while Model X708 is Regular Version without camera. Need to download our APP “DROCON” on your phone, it works with most of the IOS and Android phones. To purchase X708 please search the ASIN: on Amazon.
  • HEADLESS MODE: The drone’s front and rear are indicated by LED lights in Blue and Red. Normally, users need to tell the front of the drone during the flight. Then turn into headless mode, users can operate the drone without worrying about the orientation. Much more helpful to beginners and kids.
  • ONE KEY RETURN: DROCON Cyclone X708 is equipped with a builtin remote control positioning system, it can record the return point when takes off. Press the one key return button while flying in the HEADLESS MODE, the drone will return automatically.
  • STABLE FLIGHT : The Unique Streamlined Shape body structure design helps to reduce air resistance that makes landing operation more stable. MAIN SPECIFICATION: Product size:31.5x 31.5 x 6 CM / Weight:About 105g / Control Distance:About 80 meters / Charging Time:60~80 minutes / Flying time:8.5 minutes


Anonymous says:

This drone is so much fun and it is so quick! This drone comes pretty much pre-assembled all you have to attach are the blade guards, charge the drone’s battery, and add 4AA batteries to the controller. I took this drone out as soon as it arrived and I have flown it every day since then. It is really easy to establish connection between the drone and the controller by just pushing the left joystick all the way up then all the way down, the green…

Anonymous says:

This little monster is made of solid materials. It is different from other drones. Most drones are made of soft plastic and looked cheap. This one definitely has very high quality. It is great for beginners. I bought this for my 5 year old daughter because her brother and I have ours. She wants one too. The headless mode is a great help to beginners. My daughter cannot fly very well but can definitely make it fly in our backyard without any problem. She also found out that it can flip 360…

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